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Aqua One 150W Glass Aquarium Heater

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Part Number:  11305
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Range:  Aquarium Heating


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Official Aqua One 150w Heater for aquariums up to 150 litres including AquaStyle 620, AquaStyle 620T and Aquanto 130 aquarium models. Although Aqua One's high quality glass heaters come with a 2+1 year guarantee it's always a really good idea to keep a spare.

150w Glass Heater from Aqua One - (11305)

This is a high quality, original spec. replacement 150w Glass Heater manufactured by Aqua One for use with any aquarium of up to 150 litres in capacity, including AquaStyle 620, AquaStyle 620T and Aquanto 130 aquarium models.

Robust & Reliable

Aqua One's Glass Heaters are extremely robust in use and under normal circumstances completely reliable. As ever with an aquarium heater, only ever switch on whilst fully submerged in your aquarium. The 150w Glass Heater model is thermostatically controlled and easily adjustable to the exact temperature requirement of your aquarium, meaning that it is literally a "fit and forget" item.

Aqua One is all we do

Aqua One Glass Heater

When installing your new aquarium heater it's best to leave the new heater sitting in the aquarium for about 5 minutes in order to acclimatise to the current water temperature before plugging in. Don't worry if the heater appears to switch on and off in use... this is perfectly normal.

3 Year Warranty

Aqua One's lengthy product guarantees are well known in the fishkeeping world, bringing complete peace of mind to aquarium keepers throughout the UK and beyond. Of course, Aqua One's 150w Heater also benefits from a 2+1 year warranty period, although this is seldom required as Aqua One Glass Heaters are extremely safe and robust in use and have proved to be consistently reliable over many years.

Keep a spare heater

Whilst Aqua One Glass Heaters are ultra reliable, with many tens of thousands in circulation, we still can't stress enough the importance of keeping a spare. Your aquarium inhabitants will start to suffer from temperature far quicker than poor water quality and having a spare heater on hand will avoid unecessary suffering and discomfort to your precious livestock.

Choosing your aquarium heater

Generally speaking heaters are a "fit and forget" item and once set can more or less be left to work on their own, without adjustment. Although fully adjustable Aqua One heaters are preset at 24 to 25 degrees celsius, which is ideal for most aquarium setups. All Aqua One heaters provide peace of mind for the fishkeeper for their ultra reliability and come with a 2+1 year guarantee for extra assurance.

Heater type

Aquariums up to





25w Glass Heater25 litres18.5cm25w240v/50Hz1.8m
55w Glass Heater50 litres18.5cm55w240v/50Hz1.8m
100w Glass Heater100 litres20cm100w240v/50Hz1.8m
150w Glass Heater150 litres20.5cm150w240v/50Hz1.8m
200w Glass Heater200 litres27.5cm200w240v/50Hz1.8m
300w Glass Heater300 litres33cm300w240v/50Hz1.8m

As a rule of thumb, you will need a heater that is equivalent in watts to the capacity of your tank in litres. For example, if you have a 100 litre tank you will need 100 watt heater. For larger tanks it's a good idea to use two smaller heaters that will provide the same combined output, but spread the heat more evenly through the aquarium.

Need help?

If you have any questions regarding Aqua One's 150w Glass Heater or are unsure of exactly which aquarium heater or filter spares you require, please do contact us. We are the UK's leading authority on all that is Aqua One.

* See all... Aqua One Heaters, heating spares and accessories

Aqua One is all we do

We are an authorised and approved Aqua One stockist

If you're looking to purchase a spare part, accessory or filter replacement for your Aqua One aquarium or Filter, you can be confident that you are purchasing a genuine and original Aqua One Spare Part, from an authorised and Approved Stockist. This means that you will ALWAYS get full product support and of course a full manufacturers warranty on all products

Buy Official Aqua One Spares

Every Aqua One aquarium or filter product purchased here at Aqua One Parts is a genuine, Aqua One branded spare part or accessory, designed specifically for use in your Aqua One setup.

We are UK's only Dedicated Aqua One Retailer

We are the only dedicated Aqua One retailer in the UK, servicing many thousands of Aqua One customers every year and if you're considering purchasing a 150w Glass Heater from us, you can do so with complete confidence that we are the UK's largest and most experienced Aqua One stockist.

We'll beat any other online price for the - 150w Glass Heater

Manufacturers Code: 11305

We constantly check the price of our Aqua One 150w Heater to ensure that we are the cheapest. However if you do find a cheaper price on the 150w Glass Heater from another online retailer, we guarantee to beat them.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you do find the 150w Heater cheaper elsewhere online, but do remember that delivery charges need to be taken into account also. Before we beat the price of the other supplier we will check to make sure that they are a registered UK business, paying taxes in the UK. The aquaone online retailer must also have the item in stock, ready for despatch.

Aqua One is all we do

* Prefer to call us on the telephone about the 150w Glass Heater? Please contact us: 01530 229755

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