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Aqua One - Filtration

Aqua One's filtration systems use a variety of chemical, biological and physical elements keep your filter in perfect condition. Whether you're looking to replace these elements or simply need Aqua One Pipework, a Filter Pump or Impeller, we have the lot here at Aqua One Parts

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Carbon Cartridges - from Aqua One Parts

Carbon Cartridges

We stock the full range of Aqua One's made to measure Carbon Cartridges for every internal or external filter and every trickle filtration system. Whatever your aquarium, we'll have the correct official Aqua One Carbon Cartridges for you, in stock and ready to despatch today. Most of Aqua One's Carbon Cartridges have a combined Polymer Wool layer, which traps the aquarium debris, whilst the activated carbon beneath purifies and clarifies aquarium water.

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Ceramic Cartridges - from Aqua One Parts

Ceramic Cartridges

Aqua One Ceramic Cartridges provide the perfect home for millions upon millions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria which help to keep bad bacteria at bay within your filtration system. The Ceramic Cartridges from Aqua One have become a regular feature in their later model "LifeStyle" aquariums and certainly provide a more convenient option than loose filter media. Naturally we have every Ceramic Cartridge available for every single Aqua One aquarium filter.

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Black Sponge Foam Pads - from Aqua One Parts

Black Sponge Foam Pads

An essential part of any Aqua One filter setup, the Black Sponge pad's main purpose is to trap and remove larger particles of fish waste and aquarium debris. Generally, the Black Sponge Pads can be rinsed in a little aquarium water to ensure they don't become clogged. A good regime is typically once every couple of weeks for a trickle filter system and every 4 weeks or so for an external filter. Eventually, when the cell stucture has begun to deteriorate the Black Sponge should be replaced.

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Blue Sponge Foam Pads - from Aqua One Parts

Blue Sponge Foam Pads

Typically found in Aqua One's excellent range of Aquis and Advance Caniste Filters as well as the Marisys, Marisys Pro and certain AquaReef aquariums, the Blue Sponge Pads from Aqua One are designed to remove the largest particles of aquarium debris, whilst having the dual purpose of providing an excellent home to millions of beneficial nitrifying bacteria. As with the Black Sponge, the Blue Sponge can be rinsed in a little aquarium water and re-used.

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Polymer Wool Pads - from Aqua One Parts

Wool Pads

Aqua One's Polymer Wool Pads are found in virtually every filter setup they produce... and for good reason. The Polymer Wool layer is designed to attract and trap even the most minute particles of aquarium waste, providing that "polished" look to your aquarium water. White Wool Pads cannot be rinsed and re-used, as their purpose is to become "clogged" with aquarium debris. Instead they should simply be discarded and a new one installed. Typically this would be every 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the type of filter.

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Loose Filter Media - from Aqua One Parts

Loose Filter Media

From Aqua One's high quality Advance Carb activated carbon, to their excellent BioNood Ceramic Cylinders, Aqua One have a fantastic range of loose filter media for all purposes and in a variety of sizes. Carbon Products is a great way to purify and clarify aquarium water, Chemizee removes ammonia, Bio Rings and Noodles provide a home for beneficial bacteria. For your convenience, Aqua One's loose media is generally accompanied with a free netting bag.

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Cut to Size Pads - from Aqua One Parts

Cut to Size Pads

An evergrowing range of great value Cut to Size Pads from Aqua One provide a really cost effective solution for the aquarium keeper looking to obtain maximum value from their filter pads without compromising on Aqua One quality. Along with the wool MicroPad, Carbo Pad, Zeo Pad and Phos Pad, Aqua One's Cut to Size Pad range now includes a Nitrite Pad and Ammonia Pad. It's never been cheaper to keep your Aqua One aquarium in perfect condition!

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Filter Pumps - from Aqua One Parts

Filter Pumps

Need a replacement filter pump in a hurry? Here at Aqua One Parts we stock every single Aqua One filter pump for every single aquarium model. All pumps come complete with impeller and (where necessary) the rubber grommits along with a UK mains cable and plug. Each Aqua One filter pump is an official Aqua One spare, identical in every way to the one that came with your original setup and is fully warranted for a period of 12 months for your peace of mind.

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Impellers - from Aqua One Parts


It's a really good idea to always keep a spare filter pump impeller for your Aqua One aquarium or canister filter. Impellers work really hard, spinning many thousands of times an hour and without it, your filter pump simply wouldn't function. Whether it's a canister filter, internal filter or a trickle filtration system you have, you should check your impeller chamber for debris once a week and we recommend replacing your impeller every 12 months to help prolong the life of your filter pump.

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Pipework - from Aqua One Parts

Pipework - Elbows, Spray Bars, Taps, Tubing, Seals, Intake Pipes, Outlets, Strainers etc.

Finding just the right AquaOne Pipework spare or accessory can be a daunting propostion so please don't hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call if you're not sure exactly what you need. We have a complete range of official Aqua One Elbows, Tap Sets, Spray Bars, Intake Pipes, Tubing, Seals, O Rings, Outlets and much more, with most items in stock and ready for immediate despatch today. All Pipework is identical to the pipework that came with your filter or aquarium setup as new.

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Complete Service Kits - from Aqua One Parts

Complete Service Kits

Trust Aqua One Parts to bring you Complete Filter Service Kits for your Aqua One aqarium or canister filter. We have a massive range of all-you-need kits at very competitive pricing and all comprised of genuine Aqua One spare parts. You won't find any BioRings in our kit, just official Aqua One BioNood, genuine Aqua One Activated Carbon, and original Aqua One Carbon and Wool Cartridges and sponge foam pads. We've tried to put together something for everyone here but if you can't find what you need for your setup, please call us. We will likely be able to make you something up!

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Multipacks - from Aqua One Parts


Here at Aqua One Parts we're always looking to bring you the very best value Aqua One Multipacks to provide you with Aqua One quality at the lowest prices possible. We've worked hard with Aqua One to identify the best selling and most popular aquatic products and have put together quite a collection, featuring products right across the aquarium and filter ranges. If you can't find a Multipack for your aquarium please let us know... we're sure to put something together for you.

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