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Aqua One (59s) Sponge Filter Pad Set for UFO 550

Aqua One (59s) Sponge Filter Pad Set for UFO 550
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Part Number:  25059s
Brand:  Official Aqua One Spare
Range:  Aquarium Filtration


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Official Aqua One 59s Black Sponge Pad for use with UFO 550 Series aquariums from Aqua One. The 59s may be rinsed in discarded aquarium water and reused. Replace every 12 months as the cell structure starts to deteriorate.

59s Black Sponge Pad from Aqua One - (25059s)

Aqua One's 59s Black Sponge Pad provides physical filtration in a number of Aqua One aquariums, including: UFO 550 models. The 59s Black Sponge's primary function is the removal of larger particles of aquarium waste, protecting other filter elements from becoming clogged, especially the filter pump itself. Black sponges are designed to attract waste and often become fairly clogged, so it's important that they are checked on a regular basis.

Change every 12 months

Unlike some of the other filtration elements that are used alongside the 59s, this Sponge Pad may be rinsed in aquarium water and reused repeatedly within the trickle filtration system, but eventually, as the cell stucture starts to deteriorate, it becomes necessary to replace the 59s Black Sponge, but this is usually every 12 months or so.

Easy to install, low maintenance

Although you may well have a different aquarium model to the one shown, do have a look at the video below of the AquaStyle 380 trickle filter which shows both the carbon cartridge and the black sponge pad after use. Whilst the carbon cartridge has worked hard and has become loaded with aquarium waste and must be replaced, the Black Sponge Pad can simply be rinsed in discarded aquarium water and reused. Typically you'll get a full year out of a 59s Black Sponge Pad, but it does largely depends on the condition of your aquarium.

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We are an authorised and approved Aqua One stockist

If you're looking to purchase a spare part, accessory or filter replacement for your Aqua One aquarium or Filter, you can be confident that you are purchasing a genuine and original Aqua One Spare Part, from an authorised and Approved Stockist. This means that you will ALWAYS get full product support and of course a full manufacturers warranty on all products

Buy Official Aqua One Spares

Every Aqua One aquarium or filter product purchased here at Aqua One Parts is a genuine, Aqua One branded spare part or accessory, designed specifically for use in your Aqua One setup.

We are UK's only Dedicated Aqua One Retailer

We are the only dedicated Aqua One retailer in the UK, servicing many thousands of Aqua One customers every year and if you're considering purchasing a 59s Black Sponge Pad from us, you can do so with complete confidence that we are the UK's largest and most experienced Aqua One stockist.

We'll beat any other online price for the - 59s Black Sponge Pad

Manufacturers Code: 25059s

We constantly check the price of our Aqua One 59s Black Sponge to ensure that we are the cheapest. However if you do find a cheaper price on the 59s Black Sponge Pad from another online retailer, we guarantee to beat them.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you do find the 59s cheaper elsewhere online, but do remember that delivery charges need to be taken into account also. Before we beat the price of the other supplier we will check to make sure that they are a registered UK business, paying taxes in the UK. The aquaone online retailer must also have the item in stock, ready for despatch.

Aqua One is all we do

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