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NEW ** Aqua One T5 - 24W High Output Sunlight Lighting Tube - 18 inch

NEW ** Aqua One T5 - 24W High Output Sunlight Lighting Tube - 18 inch
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Part Number:  53130
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Range  Aquarium Lighting


In stock, immediate despatch  

In stock, immediate despatch

Official Aqua One replacement T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube for use with certain Aqua One aquariums. Aqua One's Sunlight T5 provide a bright white output that is ideal if you have a have a planted aquarium and is often used alongside the Tropical or Marine Blue T5 tubes to acheive exactly the correct lighting effect in your aquarium.

T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube from Aqua One - (53130)

Aqua One's T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube provides high output, low energy lighting in Aqua One's certain Aqua One aquarium models, but will also work with any other aquarium that has been designed to accept a 18 inch T5, 24w fluorescent tube.

It's a good idea to always keep a spare lighting tube for your Aqua One aquarium. Your fish depend on aquarium lighting to regulate their internal clock, so they know when it's time to be active, time to be fed or time to sleep. Whilst your fish don't need light to survive, periods of time without light may leave them a little disorientated.

Replace every 6 months

All fluorescent lighting output starts to diminish from the moment first used and this is also the case with all T5 lighting, including the T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube. After around 6 months of normal use, the spectral output of your T5 lighting will have diminished to the point that a replacement is recommended.

It's sometimes difficult to tell just how much the lighting output has actually diminished until a new tube is installed, as the loss of spectral output over time is gradual. However you may find that algae has started to take hold or that your livestock isn't quite as active as it should be and if you are purchasing a second hand aquarium that utilizes T5 / 24w lighting, we'd recommend that you change the lighting tubes straight away.

Aqua One is all we do

Choosing the correct Aqua One 18 inch T5 lighting tube

Aqua One have two different colour outputs for their T5 18 inch fluorescent lighting tubes to suit all aquarium environments, including sunlight, tropical and marine blue options and each tube has it's own unique properties. Here's a brief guide:


T5 Sunlight - 24w / 18 inch

The T5 Sunlight Tube is the brighest of all the T5 8w lighting and provides bright white light output which aims to mimic natural sunlight in your aquarium. This light is often combined with either the tropical T5 tube or marine blue T5 to acheive the desired lighting effect.


T5 Tropical - 24w / 18 inch

Producing a very warm, pink light, the T5 tropical lighting tube is ideal where softer, richer lighting is desired. This lighting tube is somewhat duller than the sunlight tube and for this reason is often used in combination with the sunlight T5 in tropical setups, especially if live plants are present.

* See all: T5, 8w / 18-inch lighting options from Aqua One

How to change your T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube

Please be patient when changing your T5 Lighting tube as it's usually quite a tight fit. To remove the tube you're replacing simply twist the tube half a turn anticlockwise and wiggle the old tube out of it's socket. Do take your time as the glass tube can break rather easily. Likewise when installing the new T5 fluorescent tube be careful to use the base to push the replacement T5 tube gently into the socket.

Need help?

If you are unsure of exactly which T5 lighting tube or indeed any other Aqua One lighting that would be best for your aquarium, please do contact us. We are the UK's leading authority on all that is Aqua One.

* See all Aqua One Lighting Products or choose your spares by aquarium model

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We are an authorised and approved Aqua One stockist

If you're looking to purchase a spare part, accessory or filter replacement for your Aqua One aquarium or Filter, you can be confident that you are purchasing a genuine and original Aqua One Spare Part, from an authorised and Approved Stockist. This means that you will ALWAYS get full product support and of course a full manufacturers warranty on all products

Buy Official Aqua One Spares

Every Aqua One aquarium or filter product purchased here at Aqua One Parts is a genuine, Aqua One branded spare part or accessory, designed specifically for use in your Aqua One setup.

We are UK's only Dedicated Aqua One Retailer

We are the only dedicated Aqua One retailer in the UK, servicing many thousands of Aqua One customers every year and if you're considering purchasing a T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube from us, you can do so with complete confidence that we are the UK's largest and most experienced Aqua One stockist.

We'll beat any other online price for the - T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube

Manufacturers Code: 53130

We constantly check the price of our Aqua One 18 inch T5 to ensure that we are the cheapest. However if you do find a cheaper price on the T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube from another online retailer, we guarantee to beat them.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you do find the T5 Sunlight cheaper elsewhere online, but do remember that delivery charges need to be taken into account also. Before we beat the price of the other supplier we will check to make sure that they are a registered UK business, paying taxes in the UK. The aquaone online retailer must also have the item in stock, ready for despatch.

Aqua One is all we do

* Prefer to call us on the telephone about the T5 Sunlight 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube? Please contact us: 01530 229755

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Official Aqua One replacement T5 Tropical 24w 18 inch Lighting Tube for use with select Aqua One aquariums. Aqua One's Tropical T5 produces a soft warm pink light which naturally enhances the colours of tropical fish and is also bright enough for a planted aquarium.